Dirty Laundry on Air

When i thought about writing this new post, I intended on bashing the idea of ‘BUSTED’ on radio. First,  I think we have to appreciate the entertainment especially when you are stuck in rush hour traffic. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, Busted is all about, it is a show where men/women who are suspicious of their other half call the radio station to confirm their suspicions. But my main question to these people, is why i have to hear about you domestic issues when all i want to do is listen to a little music  and relax.  If you have suspicions of being cheated on, you most probably are. Let me give you a perfect example;

A woman called the radio and told the story of there is another woman who is living in her boyfriends house. When she asked him who she is and why she is living there, he said that she has forced herself into the house. SO she called for the radio presenters could call her boyfriend and ask him if he is in a committed relationship and with who, while she listens in on the other line.  Can someone please explain to me, what more of a confirmation does the young lady want?

I am sorry to say but that scenario is quite obvious. I think women need to have more respect for themselves and demand the same respect from their significant other.  If  you are in a relationship that you feel disatisfied, then end the said relationship.

Radio to me means hourly news and music. Slight talk about competition or advertisements, but that is it.  We need to get our radio back.




NAME: _______________________
FORM: _______________________

TIME: 2 Weeks.

1. Is the African continent a continent or a country? If it’s a continent
(which it is), what is the name of this continent?

2. Who is the president of Kenya ? a) Mwai b) Emilio Kibaki c) Lucy’s husband

d) I don’t know

3. Read below and answer the question:
Kamau has three and a half buckets of milk. He gives his good friend Abong’o
three quarters of it. A third of the remaining half of a quarter he sells at
the local market (at a loss no less). He consumes three pints of what is
left. The rest he divides equally among his seven children and the cat which
gets a third less than what any two of his sons got combined.
Question: What animals produce milk?

4. ‘A fish can’t ride a bicycle’ Explain.

5. If birds fly, Animals run and fish swim, what do birds do?

6. Form a word with the following letters D,O,G (e.g. dog,

7. Kipkorir collects 3,000 as T.K.K. everyday whereas Njoroge collects
17,000 a day. Which of the two is a true Kenyan cop?

8. If God is everywhere, does it mean He is in hell too?

9. How do you spell the word hermaphrodite? :_________________.

10. If a cow has four legs, how many legs does a baby cow have?

11. Omondi sells fish at the local market for a certain fixed amount.
Aluoch also sells fish at the same market for a price not exceeding that of
Omondi. Onyango also at the same market sells his fish at a price at par of
Omondi and Achieng’s. Which of the three sells fish the most expensive?

12) Martha KARUA wants to be president in 2012. If she does not get elected
as the Kenyan president, and is appointed Justice Minister, who will she be??

13) Mrs K’s husband died. Is Mrs K’s husband ‘the late’ or a widower??
Is Mrs K ‘the present’ or a widow ??

14). Write an essay on the depression of the social economic lifestyle of
this country due to bad governance and dictatorship: or else count the
fingers on your hands.
15). Take your gun from your holster. Take the bullet specimen placed on your
desk. Load it into your gun. Place your finger on the trigger. Turn the gun
and stare deep into its muzzle with your left eye. Pull the trigger!
What happens? ….Hello? … Anybody there? …. Helloooooo!?!…..ouch!!!!


*NOTE:* To pass this test you must at least write your name on the paper.

Mock exams MUST be there. Have to be there

Caning is not the solution to the end of these riots

Have we looked at the psychological side of the whole situation??

There is favorism in schools….Male teachers favour boys whose parents can elevate their lives

Female teachers favour handsome / well groomed and well to do boys

There is anger/ hatred/ regret amongst our children in schools

If a child is popular in school and does wrong, he gets ten warnings

If he is from ghetto, he gets one warning and is told to dig or sweep the compound

Who is caring??

What difference does it make if you cane an angry child or you dont

Chances are that he will vent his anger on an innocent child

-sodomize him, steal his money- clothes etc who after the harm has been done on him: – what does he do???

He says – well ‘ If I cant beat them let me join them’

Why are we being so naive?? What happened to good SCHOOL administrators like my headmaster in 1968 – Mwalimu Theuri who would call students , sit them down and listen to their grievances without discrimination?? eh?? I ask what happened???

We really can put our heads in the sand and give these youngsters what they think they want—like the above test—-life has very hard choices to be made—burning is the easier option—for the moment to vent anger but after the fire—we are all worse off—we are left with greater mess—

We need to get great minds on this major issue in our country together—the alternative voice has to be heard—-what do these so called politicians know????—easy options—blame games!!!!!

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